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Office Moves

Moving an office can be one of the most stressful activities for a business of any size. CJA Solutions recognizes the strain of moving, and realizes the value of getting your IT infrastructure moved quickly and efficiently, and in keeping downtime to a minimum. Therefore, we offer a unique office move support package that will give you access to a team of IT consultants who will evaluate your IT infrastructure in order to properly assist you in relocating and reconnecting your equipment and staff.

CJA Solutions consultants will be on hand throughout your move process in order to address your concerns and questions and to make your move as seamless as possible.

If you cannot answer all of these questions completely, it´s probably time to consider calling CJA Solutions for help with your office move.

Will your new office handle your current IT equipment with no modification? And if not, what is the most cost-effective solution for your business?
Have you backed up your data in an effective manner, and if not how will you guarantee data backups and security?
What is the most efficient way to bring your IT infrastructure to a halt and to get it back up and running again in a minimum amount of time?

We have the answers. At CJA Solutions, our consultants are prepared to analyze your needs and make suggestions for upgrades and improvements. They know how to move your office, and they are prepared with answers to your questions when the questions arise.

The CJA Solutions office move package includes:

A meeting and discussions with CJA Solutions consultants in order to develop an office move plan;
A tour of the new office, in order to ensure that the plan for setting up your network and equipment will be effective and complete;
What is the most efficient way to bring your IT infrastructure to a halt and to get it back up and running again in a minimum amount of time?
If the tour of the new office reveals a need for new equipment or a desire for upgrades, our consultants will assist you in obtaining the necessary equipment prior to move day;
Complete network cable installation in order to decrease downtime;
Taking down and then setting up your IT equipment on move day;
Our consultants will work hand in hand with the other professionals involved in your office move including your ISP and your software developers in order to ensure a smooth transition;

On-site consultants available until your IT infrastructure is in place and up and running.

Regardless of the size of your office, it is imperative that your computers and network are in place and up and running with little interruption – and CJA Solutions has an office move package that will meet your business needs.